When you say you will cover a “full day” of our wedding, how many hours does that really mean?

It means that I will come for the getting ready phase and stay until the reception ends, usually around 8-10 hours total.


Can your second shooter go to a separate location, like to shoot the groomsmen getting ready?

Of course.


Can you tentatively hold my date for me?

Nope, sorry. Weddings are only booked after a retainer has been paid and a contract signed. After your day is booked all other inquiries for that day will be turned down.


Our wedding is kind of far away, is there a travel charge?

It depends. Generally if it’s over 100 miles from Reston, VA I charge $0.56 per mile. If it’s REALLY far we will have to discuss a hotel.


How many images do you deliver?

I tend to give out too many images, although no one has ever complained. I have never given less than 1,000 images for a full day’s wedding no matter how hard I try to narrow it down.


Where can I see our online gallery?

I will send you a link to your online gallery once I start editing your pictures. Your sneak peek images will be on your gallery and you will get those within 5 days. The gallery can be password protected if you would like.


Can we make payments?

After you pay your retainer to hold your date, you can pay on any schedule you wish, with the remainder due 1 month prior to your wedding date.


I don’t want my pictures to end up all over the internet. Can we request that you do not blog them or post them anywhere?

I charge an extra $200 for weddings that I cannot use as advertising to show my work. Please make this request before we draft your contract.


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